Tiny Landlord
Tiny Landlord
Tiny Landlord

Tiny Landlord


Tiny Landlord tests your city-management skills. Check your talents for using cash flow to upgrade the city. Beautify the city with trees, lamps, and other features to attract more residents.


Virtual city tycoon

Join Tiny Landlord to become a virtual city tycoon. Here, they may rebuild everything and have a vast population. The player starts with limited land or buildings. They can place them to attract residents and workers. They can develop a vast metropolis with high-rises and full facilities. This enhances the economy and profits, making you a tycoon.

Apartments, gas stations, roadways, parking lots, fire stations, hospitals, schools, water pipes, fuel facilities, trash treatment plants. Athletes Touch the screen to move the art and witness its effect. Your city needs taxis, trash treatment, water, and apartment air conditioning. Try to add them everywhere to make your citizens happy.

City and economy management

Tiny Landlord is a construction and management game. Players must govern their city from simple to difficult tasks. They must assign jobs to locals, such as doctors for hospitals, teachers for schools, factory workers, and maintenance services. This is how gamers establish jobs and earn money. So, they can stimulate city growth.

Any firm must balance "investment" and "profit." If you only know how to spend money on civic construction projects, you'll fail. Consider each city's growth potential while choosing projects. Potential initiatives will produce cash flow to reinvest. Can you get rich running a city?

Upgrade hundreds of products

Tiny Landlord is full with fascinating goods. These are multi-level, utility-rich buildings. Players can't freely own and create them all. Save your account to unlock daily unique goods. You can find new skyscrapers, parks, entertainment complexes, and tech factories. They help your city grow.

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